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I am blessed to be married to a thoughtful, loving, and hardworking husband. Every Valentine’s Day, he showers me with gifts. He also takes us to a local restaurant for dinner. However, we always end up loading up in my silver sedan to make the trek to our eatery of choice. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should consider upping the romance factor the Valentine’s Day by securing a luxurious form of transportation on the most romantic day of the year. Depending on your preferences, you might wish to rent a limo, a classic car, or your significant other’s favorite sports car. On this blog, you will discover how to secure the right Valentine’s Day transportation for you and your loved one.

Sky Animals: How Air Freight Has Revolutionized Access To Wild Game

The air freight industry ships millions of items each and every day. One of the most interesting trades benefited by the air freight system is the game animal and game animal product industry.

What is "Game" Anyway?

The term "game" is used to refer to the edible meat of an animal. The United States Department of Agriculture, the federal agency that oversees food stuffs in America, recognizes three primary forms of game: birds, small game, and large game. Game birds include species like pheasant, partridge, turkey, and quail; the meat is classified as poultry. Small game animals are quite diverse; the term refers to species from alligators to rabbits and wild hogs to minks. The large game animal category is also very broad. Some domestic large game animals are bison, bears, and deer; examples of exotic large game animals include elephants, zebra, and wildebeests.

Why Would Anyone Ship Game?

Game animals, whether or not still alive, play a significant role in the lives of many Americans. The uses of wild game is as diverse as the species that make up this classification.

  • Food. The most obvious use of game animals is sustenance. Americans are growing increasingly more interested in the quality and health benefits of the food that they eat. Wild game animals are not pumped with hormones, antibiotics, or medications. Instead they survive on a natural diet. Many wild game animals are leaner than domesticated species; as a result, you get meat that is both lower in fat and high in protein. As an added benefit, wild game meats give you the opportunity to diversify your meals and recipes.
  • Hide and Fur. Historically, wild game animals have long provided mankind with life-saving hides and fur pelts. Today, people are torn on the issue of using animals for their hide and fur, but the industry is thriving. Fur pelts and animal hides of many, many species are commonly used as clothing, rugs, blankets, and footwear.
  • Relocation and Conservation. Wild game animals, especially exotics, are frequently used for "trophy hunting," or hunting for sport. Private ranches facilitate this activity, giving people the chance to hunt certain species without paying for an international plane ticket. Plus, these trophy hunting ranches strive to breed and populate wild game species, which in turn helps the conservation effort.

Can You Really Ship Wild Game Via Aircraft?

The air freight industry has truly revolutionized the way Americans send and receive wild game, dead or alive. Perishable wild game meat can be sent across the country and even the around the globe without risking its freshness. Pelts and hides can be rapidly transported to taxidermists, allowing the flesh or fur to remain top-notch. Meats, hides, and pelts can also be shipped overnight, serving as last-minute gifts and satisfying impulse desires.

Live game animals can also be shipped from continent to continent much more quickly than if transported by train or ship. This is particularly useful if the animal is restless or sedated with time-limited tranquilizers.

The next time that you order wild game products or visit a conservation or sport ranch, take a moment to mentally thank the air freight industry. You might not have this pleasure without the ability to ship wild game products and live animals by air. For more information, contact a business such as Alaska Air Forwarding.