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Valentine’s Day Transportation

I am blessed to be married to a thoughtful, loving, and hardworking husband. Every Valentine’s Day, he showers me with gifts. He also takes us to a local restaurant for dinner. However, we always end up loading up in my silver sedan to make the trek to our eatery of choice. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should consider upping the romance factor the Valentine’s Day by securing a luxurious form of transportation on the most romantic day of the year. Depending on your preferences, you might wish to rent a limo, a classic car, or your significant other’s favorite sports car. On this blog, you will discover how to secure the right Valentine’s Day transportation for you and your loved one.

What Is A Bike Taxi?

When you are in need of quick transportation, calling up a taxi has probably crossed your mind. You are able to avoid taking public transportation, and they can make multiple stops if you need it. While vehicle taxis are the most common variety, you may also be able to grab a bike taxi. They are commonly found in large cities and small towns, and work slightly different than traditional vehicle taxis. Here is more information about bike taxis.

What is a bike taxi?

A bike taxi is a type of taxi that is human-powered. It is a type of tricycle, where there is one person controlling the tricycle manually with their feet on the pedals, as a minimal number of people ride in the back. They don't usually hold more than a couple people, not only due to lack of space, but because of the weight of the people riding.

Other names for bike taxis include cycle rickshaw, trishaw, pedicab, bikecab, or cyclo. Old-fashioned forms of rickshaws like this were actually pulled by someone walking on foot, but the modern styles are powdered with the pedals. There are also auto bike taxis, or rickshaws, that have electronic pedals to release some of the labor from the driver.

Why should you take a bike taxi?

If you are living in or visiting a city that offers bike taxis, there will be a few benefits to choosing them. The first benefit is that riding in one of these taxis is usually less expensive. The bike itself doesn't cost as much, which lowers the fare. They also don't require the use of gasoline or extensive vehicle repairs, so that lowers the overall fare amount even further.

Another benefit is the fact that you can enjoy more of the city while riding on the back of a bike taxi. You sit in a little cab located behind the driver that is usually open on all sides and the top. Some have protective covers in the case of inclement weather. However, most of them let you enjoy the sights and breathe in the fresh air. Bike taxis are also more environmentally-friendly, which is another great benefit.

How do you find a bike taxi?

Unlike vehicle taxis, bike taxis won't be available everywhere. Only certain small towns or metro areas will have these types of taxis. They are more commonly found quiet, small towns, as it is safer for them to ride around these areas. You might also find them in a downtown area of your local metro city. Most bike taxis wait on the side of the street for their next fare, so you simply need to step up to the taxi and ask if they are currently taking fares. Also be aware the distance they travel is somewhat limited as compared to a traditional taxi, like those offered by Union Taxi.