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I am blessed to be married to a thoughtful, loving, and hardworking husband. Every Valentine’s Day, he showers me with gifts. He also takes us to a local restaurant for dinner. However, we always end up loading up in my silver sedan to make the trek to our eatery of choice. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should consider upping the romance factor the Valentine’s Day by securing a luxurious form of transportation on the most romantic day of the year. Depending on your preferences, you might wish to rent a limo, a classic car, or your significant other’s favorite sports car. On this blog, you will discover how to secure the right Valentine’s Day transportation for you and your loved one.

Benefits Of Using A Car Service For Airport Travel On Your Next Family Vacation

When the average person thinks about the type of people who use airport car services, they think business professionals or rich celebrities. An airport car service is also meant for family travelers. If you haven't considered this option for transport to and from the airport with your family in the past, here are just some of the reasons why you want to look twice at this option.

Chauffeur Service

Metropolitan areas like Los Angles have a long list of transportation options for travel to the airport, including cabs. However, a cab won't give you the personalized, chauffeur service that a car service can offer. With a cab, there isn't a guarantee for punctuality. While you can request a pick-up time, a cab driver can quickly pick up a passenger just before you that causes their schedule to deter.

Considering traffic, adhering to a schedule is key to getting you to the airport on time. Car services in LAX do offer a guarantee for both professionalism and punctuality to help get you to the airport on time and safely.


Although it might seem like a minor issue, on a family vacation luggage can be a real point of stress. This is especially the case when it comes to lugging your bags around a large parking lot, on an airport shuttle and ultimately, through the airport.

Using an airport car service for your next family vacation offers door-to-door service that keeps you from having to be concerned with lugging your bags all over. If you have a large family with smaller children who may be unable to carry their own bags, this can be especially helpful.

Cost Planning

Taking a car service for airport travel with your family can also offer better cost planning when it comes to your trip. With a long vacation, driving to the airport on your own comes with daily parking cost. If you live a considerable distance away from the airport, there are also ever-changing fuel costs to consider.

With a car service, there is only a pre-determined, flat-fee. Car services provide you with fee requirements before you take your trip, allowing you to pay upfront and budget for your trip easier. Additionally, unlike a cab, there is no meter to keep you on the edge of your seat.

A car service is both an economical and efficient way to travel to and from the airport for your next family vacation. Make sure you aren't overlooking the benefits.